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I'm one of Joey's Psycopaths.
Of course, I save space in my heart for other youtubers too.

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I’ve never posted a selfie before so here we go…

hi to everyone who follows me!
I’ve decided to post a selfie (this is it) and it’s reblogged from my personal.
sorry for not posting much- I’m trying to resume posting. love you guys: you mean the world to me.


I AM SO SORRY IF I FORGOT ANYONE! I have a really bad memory (and sorry its not really in alphabetical order) This is kinda conjoined with my other rainbowrainfairee blog too cause yeah :P But if you are in this it means I think you and your blogs are amazing and I would follow you forever! Thank you so much for making my dash wonderful! :D The ones in bold are particularly lovely people and blogs :D







hey guys! sorry I haven’t been on here in a while… I’ve been busy with school and stuff.

anyways, I’m thinking of turning this page into another fan page for a tv show or a youtubers page in general. or, of course, I could keep this as a Joey Graceffa page.

any thoughts? feel free to leave them in my ask box

oh and feel free to delete this comment when you reblog


congratulations on 123 million subscribers Joey Graceffa

Congratulations on 3 million subscribers, Joey!


This will always make me laugh {x}

"Sometimes I get so in my head when I'm about to sleep"


so i kinda made a thing

this is so bad oh my god


can we just